Web system for checking test results and checking drug card or status information.

Access to the data contained in the system is protected by the use of user names and passwords. Every individual that wishes to obtain access to this system must register with DISA Global Solutions. DISA will assign permissions based on the type of client and programs the client participates in.

The following types of clients/programs can utilize this system:

  • Individual companies - a company can access drug and/or alcohol test result information for their own employees. All results that are posted to this system have been reviewed by a Medical Review Officer so DOT results will be accessible.
  • CCS and programs that have reciprocity with CCS - this site DOES NOT verify CCS card status but it can be used to verify card numbers that are needed to use Construction SafeSite (the only place where CCS card status can be verified). Programs that have reciprocity with CCS include:
    • IBEW Local 481/Quality Connection
    • ISPTA-MCAI (Indiana State Pipe Trades Association/Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana)
    • IUCSAT (Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Testing)
    • Asbestos Workers (local 18)
    • ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors)
    • COATS (Construction Owners Association of the Tri-States
    • SWIBT (Southwest Indiana Building Trades)
  • ICI SAT (Indiana Constructors, Inc. Substance Abuse Testing)
  • IBEW Local 725/Quality Connection
  • IBEW Local 855/Quality Connection
  • IBEW Local 873/Quality Connection
  • Ironworkers Local 290
  • Ironworkers Local 22 & 147 - these 2 locals have CCS cards issued to their members
  • Ironworkers Local 44 & 372 - these 2 locals have COATS cards issued to their members
  • SAPC Local 149 - Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 149

For more information or additional assistance, please contact:
DISA Administrative Assistants
P: 317-269-3030
E: admins@disa.com
To report any concerns with this website, please contact DISA Indianapolis technical support at John.Williams@disa.com